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Book Writing Software – Helping You Avoid Continuity Mistakes in Your Novel

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How can book writing software help you with continuity in your novel? Indeed, even before we start talking about that, we need to discuss what I mean by continuity in your novel and why that’s important in writing a novel. Have you ever looked at any of the movie mistakes websites, which log the various mistakes every movie will let slip through by mistake อ่านนิยาย? Making a movie is a hugely complex process, and mistakes creep in.

Thing is, though, writing a novel is also a hugely complex process and mistakes creep in there too. An example of a continuity mistake might be something like having Character A hand Character B a glass of wine, and then two or three lines later, having him hand her a glass of wine again. That is actually one that I made – I am just lucky that my editor spotted it! Or even more subtly, you could have a character receive a glass of wine, take only a sip or two, and another character is filling up the glass again even though there’s no room for it. I’ve read novels where characters changed names half way through with no explanation.

These sort of continuity mistake are very easily done. There is so very much to keep track of when you’re writing a novel. You have to keep track of the plot, any subplots, make sure clues are dropped where necessary, look after your character arc and development, keep the timeline straight and keep track of any important ‘props’.

It’s very hard to pick up on these mistakes yourself, as we all have a tendency to read what we expect to read. We see what we think will be there, rather than what IS there. The problem is that readers, of course, come to the novel with no preconceived ideas, and then genuinely see what is there, mistakes and all. And continuity mistakes can really spoil their pleasure in the story.

One solution to this problem is to make sure you are super organised, so you have the right information to hand. I know writers can shudder at that prospect (I’m prone to doing that myself!), wanting to just enjoy being in the flow of the muse. But a novel is a very complex construct – with as much science as art in it – no matter how much we might like to think otherwise, and needs to be handled as such.

You can use index cards or post-it notes to keep organised. Both of these options are much, much better than keeping all the details in your head. But they can get lost, or out of order, and shuffling through a whole pack of cards (say) to remind yourself what colour eyes the hero has, is time-consuming. And so a modern option would be to use book writing software. The simplest of these acts like a virtual index card system, but one which is much easier to keep track of than real ones. And the higher-end products have other facilities such as timelines and mind maps.

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